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tv   Washington Journal Christian Snyder  CSPAN  November 4, 2018 5:50pm-5:56pm EST

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podcasts, social media. host: this is george with the post at ohio university, a news reporter for that publication. where can they find you online? with myhrough twitter ,ame or you can find the post we will keep it updated with our contact before and after and on electijournalists across the und states at colleges and universities. joining us as christian snyder with pitt news at the university of pittsburgh, their editor-in-chief. what is the level of engagement on campus? guest: a busy week in pittsburgh and people are feeling energized , people ready to go to the polls. a lot of active students in pittsburgh, in particular active
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groups of high school students who have been for the past 1.5 years, since the parkland shooting, driving political engagement in the communities. host: did the events at the synagogue, are making people vote this year? guest: i do not know if it is the first thing on their mind but something people were talking about at the rallies and protests i have been at this week. discussing hown they are tired of thoughts and prayers and want to do something actionable. people saying this is a big reason you should vote. host: on campus, what is the outrage from republican and democratic groups? guest: a lot of outreach. america,c socialist of democrats and republicans are strong, governor walker was supposed to be working with campaign -- college democrats and the republicans have been a
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smaller club on campus but are still hosting big-name speakers this year. onre is a lot of action campus but not as much as the 2016 president election but still a lot happening. host: you can see differences between the 2016 election and this time around, what do you think will be the turnout? guest: it may be lower than in 2016, a lot of people were more energized in 2016. i think that is because, someone i spoke to, i reached out to followers and students at pitt and asked which issues are important to them and they said that was one of them, this is not asked an important of an election -- as important of an election. host: what other issues is dunes talk about -- issues do students talk about? guest: lgbtq plus rights are
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important, especially trans have beens who affected by the news that the trump administration wants to remove the want definitions of definitions ofed gender. corporations in pittsburgh driving growth in specific areas. i talk to people about you quality and a need and a desire for living wages for everybody. and voter suppression is a reason for people to vote because other people cannot. host: when it comes to students and how they base their opinions on who they vote for, where do you think those pieces of information are coming from, largely social media? guest: a lot of it but most is news through social media. there is talk about where people get their news and students at pitt have great services where we get good news.
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host: when it comes to the university itself, what is it doing to help students on election day, how involved are they? guest: there have been people tabling every day outside the university trying to register people to vote. there are polling places on campus and across the street from the student union. our chancellor is in touch and sends us emails on the days leading up to election day. there are a lot of people who think election day should be a federal holiday and their work should be canceled. another reason people said they would not be voting, they have had trouble in the past and it is tough to get to the polls. looking forre you on election day as editor and chief? guest: looking for how many people will vote and how many issues -- and what issues are bring them.
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for the people who vote, what is important? i think we will see a swell in participation in pittsburgh next week considering the president was here on tuesday and a lot of people were against the president. people supported him as well. it will bring people out. to see how the storylines factor into the election next week. host: describe the scope of coverage or publication will do on election day? guest: we will be at the polls all day talking to voters before and after. we will go to watch parties and also doing more live coverage in terms of getting information to our followers more quickly. host: tell us about yourself and your hopes after you graduate. guest: i am a senior and i want to continue as a journalist, looking at internships and fellowships and jobs, send me an email. host:


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